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Celebrating our 10th year

AVJennings City2Surf 2019.
AVJennings celebrated its 10th year participating in City2Surf, a running event held annually in Sydney covering a 14-kilometre course. The event is also an opportunity to raise money for charity. AVJennings is a partner of the Steve Waugh Foundation and we're proud to announce that over the past decade we've raised over $124,000. We want to thank everyone who donated to AVJennings Team Waugh as well as current and past employees and their family and friends who participated. 

The Steve Waugh Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for children and families affected by rare diseases. The rare disease patient is the orphan of the health system, often without diagnosis, without treatment, without research and therefore, without reason to hope. Families and carers of children with rare diseases experience significant psychological stress due to social isolation, unemployment, diagnostic delays, lack of information and difficulty accessing appropriate health care.


The Steve Waugh Foundation is working to help change things for children with a rare disease by giving hope. The Foundation has already supported over 600 families through generous donations from patrons, corporate partners and supporters. Please visit The Steve Waugh Foundation to see how you can get involved. 

A great way to participate is to sponsor a rider on The Captain's Ride, which is an annual on-road cycle tour to raise significant funds for the Foundation, raise awareness about rare diseases and the bravery of the kids who live with them, and in some way replicate what these kids and families go through each and every day. The Captain's Ride begins November 4th 2019.