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NAB RunWest Festival 2019.

What sort of person gets up before dawn on a Sunday morning to hand out drinks or give directions at a fun run? A special one. 
The inaugural NAB RunWest Festival attracted more than 7,000 participants but perhaps what was even more impressive, was 300 people volunteered their time to help make the event a success. The AVJennings volunteer workforce was on site before first light to help set up course markers; act as guides; and support and encourage participants every step of the way in both the four kilometre and 12-kilometre courses.

AVJennings was delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor RunWest because it’s an event for Greater Western Sydney which is over-represented in terms of poor health outcomes and lack of physical activity. Happily, the region is also over-represented in terms of ethnic diversity, with people from all walks of life taking part. “We couldn’t be happier that NAB RunWest attracted not just serious athletes, but so many people of all ages and abilities were happy to get outside on a Sunday and just give it a go," said Athletics NSW Chairman Peter Higgins. The festival had a broad appeal and featured entertainment activities, food trucks, a petting zoo and the opportunity to meet local sporting heroes in person. “When we began planning NAB RunWest we envisioned a celebration of culture, community, and health, and everyone brought that energy in spades," said Athletics Australia Vice President, Jan Swinhoe.

If you would like to participate in next year’s RunWest festival or become an AVJennings Volunteer, please visit