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A partnership built on courage and character.

AVJennings greatly admires drive, determination, and a sense of community. That’s why we’re proud to have a strong association with Steve Waugh.

Like any good team partnership, we contribute to each other’s success. As a great Australian, Steve Waugh is the Corporate Ambassador for AVJennings. He tours our projects extensively to see community spirit being built first hand, and even straps on the pads now and again! To complement this partnership, AVJennings is a key supporter of the Steve Waugh Foundation. Working together AVJennings, its employees and the Steve Waugh Foundation strive to improve the lives of children and their families who live with a rare disease.

AVJennings generates substantial revenue through various fundraising initiatives. One of these is a commitment to design, construct and sell a home in one of our communities, with the profits from the sale given to the Foundation. To date the partnership has delivered two houses, each successfully sold, with families living in these unique homes. 

The Renee by AVJennings is located in the now completed Charterwood community on New South Wales' Central Coast. The Renee 2 by SVJennings is located in the award winning Lyndarum community in Victoria. Over 100 AVJennings suppliers have contributed to the project, donating labour and materials.

AVJennings' CEO Mr Peter Summers, said "We are thrilled by how many suppliers and friends have raised their hands to help out with this special project - it's just fantastic and we are delighted with the results to date." 

The next house, The Renee 3, is an AVJennings home to be constructed and sold at the Hazelcroft community at Doreen in Victoria. The three bedroom, two bathroom home has been designed to best fit the allotment and is conveniently located opposite one of the Hazelcroft's reserves. 

The Renee series has been branded in honour of an amazing young lady. Renee Eliades. Renee has a very rare disease called Dysplasia which affects the development of bones in the body. Renee is and Ambassador for the Foundation and is also the Ambassador for the series. Her story of courage is truly inspiring.