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Variety is the spice of community life.

“I’ve worked in the building industry for over 40 years – two thirds of my own life and half of AVJennings entire history. People are kind and say I don’t look like I’ve been around that long! The reason I stick around is I love what I do, and I enjoy helping create happy, sociable communities.”

A big part of how that happens is encouraging diversity. People are individuals, so naturally they don’t want their houses to be all the same. I’ve built thousands of homes and every single one is different. Even those with the same floor plan have little differences in the way the properties finally come together that make them unique and give them their own personality. Large family homes stand alongside smaller townhomes or apartments. This brings different types of people – different ages, different cultures, and different backgrounds – to help keep our communities interesting.

Of course, not every home in an AVJennings development is built by us. Many landowners bring in their own builders – something we can help and advise on if you wish – to give an even greater diversity. Because different ingredients make more exciting recipes.

Tony Rufo, Building Supervisor AVJennings.