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Our partners and ambassadors.

Active communities are healthy, happy communities. We’re extending our sporting partnerships to build our commitment to these values.


Sport is a natural community builder. Just ask any passionate sports fan – they have an instant connection with anyone who supports the same team or loves the same game. For AVJennings, partnering with sporting clubs is a perfect fit as we’re all about creating diverse, connected, and active communities.

This is why we’re excited to announce the extension to our partnership with the WNBL Melbourne Boomers for a further two years. Together with our support of the Queensland Firebirds and St Kilda Football Club, this commitment reflects the direction we’re taking as a business.

We also continue to work with our ambassadors, Steve Waugh and Laura Geitz. Our newest ambassador is Josh Bruce from St Kilda Football Club. Steve continues to be a respected Australian in business, sports, and philanthropy. Josh and Laura play at the highest levels of their sport and display qualities we believe are important not just in sport, but also in life generally - passion, determination, and a sense of fair play.

Our relationship with Steve Waugh goes beyond sport. AVJennings is a partner of The Steve Waugh Foundation, which assists children and young adults with rare diseases. We’re proud to continue to support this worthy cause. Steve and his team are a great example of how the values that sport teaches, of inclusion, support, and teamwork, can apply more broadly in life.

There’s more to this edition than meets the eye… Each of our ambassadors has a message for you. Just follow these simple steps to bring the AVJennings ambassadors to life:

  1. Get the AVJennings AR app from the App Store or Google Play, look for the AVJennings graphic
  2. Use the app to scan images/ graphics with the badge
  3. Watch the AVJennings ambassadors in action