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Celebrating 90 years of creating communities.

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun.

1932 saw the Sydney Harbour Bridge open, the Bodyline cricket series in Australia, the All Blacks take home the Bledisloe Cup after touring Australia, Joseph Lyons was Australia’s Prime Minister and George Forbes was New Zealand’s.  It also saw the young Albert Victor Jennings stake everything he had on the truth of his vision and AVJennings, as it is known today, began!

The number one purpose for AVJennings in Sir Albert’s eyes was everyone should be able to live in a safe community in a quality-built home for a fair price. So began the creation of many things we consider standard, including the cul-de-sac, built in wardrobes, display homes and display villages!

Today, we continue the Sir Albert ethos!

The world we live in continues to change and how we live changes with it. We are more connected, yet we have varied lifestyles - from the diversity of family, workplaces, schools, and the wider community in general. These changes are what stretch the glue of community.  Community is what makes society work at a cellular level. It breeds conversation. It engenders courtesy. It builds mutual respect.

At AVJennings, we believe passionately in community. It is a timeless bond that lifts the human spirit. It drives the way we work, the way we develop. We strive to connect people. To keep them active. To help them play. To enjoy diversity. To give them solitude when they want it. And to help them enjoy better, healthier, and happier, lives.

With an unwavering focus on the needs of our customers; innovation, technology, sustainability, and above all community continues to drive AVJennings and shape the way we design our homes and neighbourhoods.

We continue building on our past and our present to shape the future because Housing Matters, Community Matters.