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AVJennings leads the way with energy-efficient homes.

For new home buyer Gail, buying a house with maximum energy efficiency wasn’t an afterthought, it was near the top of her ‘wish list’.

Gail sold her eight-acre property on the Gold Coast and purchased a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the AVJennings Riverton community.

The home is part of a range of architect-designed homes and townhomes launched by AVJennings called the Stellar Collection with all homes featuring a minimum 8-star energy efficiency rating, which helps homeowners reduce their heating and cooling costs.

Key to the energy efficiency of AVJennings’ new collection is the adoption of the Pro9 walls which are built with galvanised steel frames, R4 rated foam insulation and A1 rated fireproof boards to create an airtight home environment with strong thermal properties leading to a stable temperature inside the house.

“When I heard about all the energy efficient features that come with Stellar Collection homes such as the double-glazed windows and Pro9 walls I knew it was right for me because it is important for all of us to do our bit to mitigate the impact of climate change,” she said.

“To me sustainable homes are about building smarter so we can cut down on the amount of power we consume.

“Reduced power bills are the icing on the cake for me with my new home.”

AVJennings, with the Stellar Collection, is the first major Australian developer to adopt the innovative Pro9 walling system in its homes, achieving a minimum 8-star energy efficiency rating on each design nationally. Homes in Australia are currently built to a 6-star rating, which changes to 7 from 2024.

The company recently announced it had entered into a joint venture with Pro9 to establish a manufacturing facility in Australia capable of producing more than 1000 homes per year on the basis of a single shift.

AVJennings CEO Phil Kearns said he has been investigating opportunities to combine both innovation and sustainability in housing for some time.

“The fact that Pro9 can be implemented directly into AVJennings existing product range to elevate the offering is ground-breaking.

“Since introducing the technology into three homes in our Evergreen community in 2021, we can see how much it contributes to a home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

“We recognise the importance of achieving higher quality, better insulated and more durable homes and for us to all reduce our carbon footprint, so we are pleased to be the first major Australian developer to bring this technology to the market.”

Mr Kearns said the Stellar Collection had a bright future.

“This is just the start of what we plan to roll out into the future,” Mr Kearns said.

“We expect to grow the Stellar Collection year on year, opening up a valuable chapter in our 91-year history of building high-quality new homes in Australia.