Introducing the Stellar Collection by AVJennings.

What is the Stellar Collection?

The Stellar Collection is a series of architect-designed
turnkey homes by AVJennings that set a new benchmark for energy
efficiency and quality in Australia.


8-plus star rating.

The Stellar Collection turnkey homes are designed with the Pro9 innovative walling system, enabling 8-plus star energy efficiency ratings to be achieved, so you enjoy reduced energy consumption and power bills. This leading-edge system also improves durability, safety and comfort.

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Pro9 walls that reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Improving your comfort, saving you money on bills, and helping our planet, The Stellar Collection is a significant step forward in home design that we are proud to deliver.

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“We recognise the importance of achieving higher quality, more durable and energy efficient homes for our customers, and are proud to be the first major residential developer to bring the Pro9 technology to Australia and introduce the Stellar Collection into the market,” AVJennings CEO Phil Kearns.

Phil Kearns

CEO, AVJennings

Energy efficiency

Stellar Collection homes have a minimum 8-star rating, exceeding National Construction Code.


Stellar Collection homes have double-glazed windows, galvanised steel frames, fire-resistant outer layers, and
polyurethane foam insulation to protect from water penetration and flooding.

Reduced power bills

 Pro9 walls create a stable temperature inside that requires little to no heating, allowing homeowners to cut energy consumption by 40%.


The Stellar Collection not only reduces running costs, but also CO2 and energy footprint, making it an eco-friendly

Ready to move in

Architect-designed homes come ready-built with quality fixtures and
fittings, no extra costs.


Modern inclusions and furnishings. Modern inclusions and furnishings. Enter last info here. 

Where to find the AVJennings Stellar Collection?


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