Arcadian Hills, Cobbitty, NSW

Create a country-style home.

Arcadian Hills has been designed to reflect and celebrate the rural heritage of the area. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect country-style home.

Every country-style home needs a verandah. It’s the ideal place to sit under and enjoy the view. A verandah will also help keep your home cooler, as it shades the outer walls from the sun and protects any paintwork from the weather.

The kitchen is so often the heart of the country-style home. It’s where neighbours will sit to have a cup of tea when they visit and where the family will congregate at the end of the day. A big welcoming kitchen is fantastic, especially when it opens onto an alfresco area, allowing you to bring the outside in.

There is nothing better on a cold winter’s evening than a fireplace in a country-style home. Whether you opt for wood or gas, a fireplace will create a cosy and inviting space to relax and become the focal point of your home.

Open Plan:
If you are building a new home, look at having an open plan living area. Country-style homes are generally more informal and an open plan style home can be designed to make the most of the view of the surrounding area.

Weatherboard is an archetypal characteristic in Australia’s housing landscape. This simple and functional material protects your house from the elements and insulates both noise and heat, plus they offer a classic look on a traditional or modern home.

Corrugated metal roof:
The practical advantages of a metal roof are that it makes your home safer in harsh weather, it can significantly cut down on your energy bills, it will likely last a lifetime and it is practically maintenance free. Aesthetically, a metal roof is versatile in design to complement many architectural styles, from a century old farmhouse to a contemporary home.