Stay at Home Concert.

Performing wedding together since 2011, Tom & Kate, the husband and wife team hold a small ‘stay at home concert’ for their lovely neighbourhood at Arcadian Hills estate.

Tom and Kate are full-time wedding musicians and have performed over 600 successful weddings since 2011.

"We miss singing weddings right now and really wanted to contribute to lifting the spirits of our neighbours, who are feeling a bit restless about not going out. We decided to hold a small 'stay at home concert' for them. Our place is uniquely positioned up on the hill, so we hoped with a little amplification, we could project some gentle music over the neighbourhood and everyone could enjoy it from their back gardens, front door steps and anyone excising out for a walk could hear some live music, too", Kate said.

‘’We have this great community facebook page for neighbourhood chats about our estate. We saw our neighbours doing beautiful things for each other, like window teddybear hunts, dressing up their houses in fairy lights and gifting each other things’, Tom said, ‘we could hear people clapping and cheering all over the neighbourhood, it was really rewarding and we're really glad to have such a great community.’