Argyle, Elderslie, NSW

The future is bright at Argyle.


Western Sydney has become a housing hotspot for cityslickers searching for green space, affordable housing and employment opportunities.

As reported in The Daily Telegraph, Western Sydney neighbourhoods like Argyle, where the “future shines bright”, are experiencing a sharp increase in interest from buyers coming from outside a 20km radius.

Argyle residents, Ben and Lyndal Costelloe, were recently featured in The Daily Telegraph discussing why they moved to their home at Argyle. The couple had previously been renting in the city in Pyrmont and looked to buy a new home in Western Sydney as the house prices in the city were too high.

“We are both westies at heart, in terms of where we belong and raising a family, and that was the appeal of Elderslie,” Mr Costelloe said. “We like the fact that it is low maintenance,” he continued. “We spent a lot of time renting apartments and we wanted a bit more space and preferred not to buy in a strata apartment.”

“We feel like we got better value for money and it’s a better environment for our son,” Mr Costelloe said.

Read the Costelloes’ story here.

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