Evergreen Park

New park coming to Evergreen!

The construction of the much anticipated Evergreen Park in our East Village is now underway.

Located on the corner of Easton Avenue and Austen Boulevard, this park has been carefully crafted with planned parkland and recreation areas that has been designed for the Evergreen community at Spring Farm.

The Evergreen park will feature a mix of dynamic play equipment, walking paths and also picnic shelters for the whole family to enjoy. Shade sails will be placed in children’s play areas, and adequate seating will be placed throughout the park.

Not only is this a kid-friendly park, but an adult friendly park too! Take a comfortable seat under the trees with a book or you can burn some calories on the outdoor gym! 

Park will be delivered to the community during Spring 2021.

For more information follow our Evergreen by AVJennings Facebook Page or contact us on 131 878.