Evergreen, Spring Farm.

Evergreen's newest resident!

Meet Evergreen’s newest residents, Elizabeth, and her daughter Haylee! Elizabeth and Haylee are moving into our first AVJennings home using the external pre-fabricated product, Pro 9. We interviewed our newest residents to hear about their story and to also tell us what they thought about Pro 9.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

    We’re first home buyers and we’ve been renting for the last 40 years in Sydney’s north-west. I manage facilities and have a few buildings that I look after. This experience with AVJennings has been very positive all along the way and the AVJennings team have been very supportive and helpful.


  2. Why did you want to buy your new home in the Macarthur Region, and also why did you choose Evergreen, Spring Farm?

    All of our family live out here, so it was a move to be closer to family. I also wanted to move to a nice, new and upcoming fresh suburb like Spring Farm too. It’s become very busy and hectic over there, especially the traffic in Blacktown. It’s a nicer feel out here. We love the area, the homes and the streetscapes. We were absolutely sold!


  3. Yours is the first AVJennings home to utilise the pre-fabricated external walling system, Pro9. There are many exciting benefits of this external walling system, such as high thermal efficiencies, fire resistant walls and strong and durable composite structures. What are your thoughts regarding the benefits? And how will it impact or aid your living situation?

    We are not only excited about moving into our new home, but as a bonus were excited that we will be living in a home that is environmentally and structurally safe, which will, in the long run, provide financial savings due to its high thermal efficiencies. The added bonus of the structural walls allows us to put up picture frames wherever we want without worrying about a wall and trying to find a beam. The fire resistant walls also provide peace of mind.


  4. What are you most excited about with this new external walling system on your home?

I’m most excited about putting up décor items and large picture frames without worrying about locating the beam or damaging the wall. We were excited to also see the sample structure of the external walling system, we took pictures of it as we were excited to be part of this new product AVJennings is rolling out.

Check out the Pro9 video!