Buying a new home in 8 easy steps.

We are regarded as one of Australia’s most trusted developers. Our reputation is built on 90 years of experience, knowledge and understanding and is your assurance of professional advice from start to finish. Throughout every step of the purchase, including the selection of your property, an AVJennings Sales Consultant will be there to help.

  • Sales Consultants can help with selection of property.
  • Customer Service Representatives explain every feature of your new home.
  • Building Supervisors co-ordinate all tradespeople and contractors to build your new home.
  • Warranty Co-ordinators ensure all repairs and maintenance during the warranty period are 100% satisfactory.

In addition to the price of the home, don’t forget the stamp duty on home and mortgage, lender’s fees, Solicitor’s /Conveyancer’s fees and mortgage registration fees.

The steps.

STEP 1: Financing. 

In addition to the price of the home, don’t forget the stamp duty on home and mortgage, lender’s fees, Solicitor’s /Conveyancer’s fees and mortgage registration fees.
Hint: To estimate your Stamp Duty, visit www.revenue.nsw.gov.au. First Home Buyers may be exempt from Stamp Duty on property purchase, subject to property value.

STEP 2: Conveyancing. 

One of the first things to do is appoint a Solicitor or Conveyancer and advise your Sales Consultant. The Solicitor/Conveyancer will liaise with an AVJennings’ solicitor and arrange the transfer of property ownership and all necessary information required by your lending institution.
Hint: Ask your legal representative to provide a conveyancing quote and what it includes.

STEP 3: Choosing your home. 

Your Sales Consultant will help you decide on the best location, size, style and design to suit your dreams – and your budget.

  • Large or small, 3 or 4 bedrooms with a study.
  • Single or double storey, single or double garage.
  • Sunny backyard, big garden potential or low-maintenance area.
  • Close to transport, parks, schools, work, relatives, entertainment, retail centres, etc.
  • Contemporary or classic façade style.

Hint: Talk finance up front. Find out what you can afford and stick with it. 

STEP 4: The deposit.  

An administration fee equal to 0.25% of the total purchase price of the home, including GST, (non-refundable) is required to take the home off the market. Next, you’ll complete a Purchase Application Form and sign the Contract of Sale and an Authority to Exchange with a Cooling Off Period Form. By the end of the Cooling Off Period (10 business days) pay the balance of the deposit (10% of the total purchase price including GST) to your Solicitor/Conveyancer to unconditionally exchange Contracts.
Hint: If you need legal representation call The Law Society of NSW or The Australian Institute of Conveyancing, NSW Division.

STEP 5: The contract. 

Make an appointment with your Solicitor/Conveyancer to discuss the Contract as soon as possible and take the signed contract with you. Your Solicitor/Conveyancer will explain the Contract to you.

Within the 10 business days cooling off period ensure your finance is unconditionally approved and pay the balance of the 10% deposit. Give the bank cheque to your Solicitor/Conveyancer, who will forward it to the Solicitor acting for AVJennings with the signed Contract.
Hint: Once cooling off period has expired, there is no going back. So ask lots of questions and be very sure. 

STEP 6: After the exchange.  

When the house is complete, a Customer Service Representative will call to arrange an inspection of your home prior to settlement. Remember, due to work safety regulations, access to your home can only occur when accompanied by an AVJennings representative.
Hint: At least 5 days before you movie in, advise gas, electricity, telephone services and home contents insurance company of your occupancy date. 

STEP 7: Settlement. 

When the building is completed and the plan of subdivision is registered and approved by the Land and Registry Services and an Occupation Certificate is issued, it’s time to settle. The balance of payment is due on settlement, generally up to 4 weeks from exchange or 21 days after your Solicitor/ Conveyancer has been issued with the subdivision registration or 14 days from occupation certificate, whichever is later. Your Solicitor/Conveyancer will contact your lender to confirm settlement details and arrange transfer of funds.
Hint: Call the removalist, chill the champagne. 

STEP 8: Home. 

Once settlement has been finalised, your customer service representative will confirm a time for you to collect your keys from an AVJennings office.
Hint: Put out the welcome mat, welcome to your new neighbourhood. 

Helpful Contacts

Law Society of NSW
Phone: 02 9926 03333. www.lawsociety.com.au

Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division
Phone: 02 9633 1355. www.aicnsw.com.au

Revenue NSW

Definition of terms. 

A quick guide to help you understand everything.

Conveyancing: The process of officially converting ownership of the property from vendor to buyer.
Exchange of contracts: You sign the contract and pay 0.25% non-refundable Administration Fee with your Sales Consultant.
GST: The 10% Goods & Services tax is a broad-based tax on most supplies of goods and services in Australia.
Handover: Your Customer Service Representative hands you the keys to your new home.
Land registration: Land and Registry Services approval of the subdivision once roads, drains, street lighting, etc. are completed.
Mortgagee: The home loan lender i.e. a bank.
Mortgagor: The borrower in a mortgage loan transaction.
Purchase application: All the information needed to prepare a Contact of Sale.
Settlement: The big day, when the property is officially yours.
Stamp Duty: A State Government tax, payable by the buyer on the purchase of property and calculated as a percentage of the total price.
Vendor: The person or organisation selling the property.


Q: When can I move in?
A: After settlement, your Customer Service Representative will arrange a time for you to collect your keys.
Q: What happens on settlement?
A: Full payment is transferred from your lender to AVJennings.
Q: Can I check the building progress?
A: Yes. Only with prior arrangement with your Customer Service Representative or Sales Consultant.
Q: Is my home guaranteed?
A: Every new AVJennings home has a 6-year structural guarantee.
Q: What if I need repairs after moving in?
A: For the first 3 months, keep your Maintenance Record Booklet up to date and then hand it over to the AVJennings Warranty Department.
Q: Who connects gas, electricity, phone etc?
A: You’ll need to attend to this at least 5 days before moving in.

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