Magnolia, Hamlyn Terrace, NSW

Meet your neighbours - Sabrina & Avin


Sabrina, her husband, Avin, and their two daughters, Adelle and Sofia moved to Magnolia in May 2016. They were searching for a family friendly environment to raise their daughters and found a home at Magnolia. Sabrina owns a cupcake business called Sabalicious Cakes at her home in the community. 

1) What’s your favourite room in your house and why?
We love the open plan area, which includes the kitchen, lounge room and dining room. It means we can spend time together when I’m baking and the children are playing.  

2) Best house moving tip?
Organisation is key. Ensure you label each box with the specific room the items must go into at the new house when you are packing up the old house. 

3) Favourite café, restaurant, club in the local area?
We love the fresh fish and chips shop in Budgewoi. We have only lived in the area for a few months, so we haven’t had time to discover anything else. 

4) One of your best memories of the house you grew up in as a child?
My fondest memory is of the backyard from my childhood home. We had a really big backyard where I could ride my bikes and play with my older brother.

5) Are you a member of any clubs, groups?
I’m a member of Active Fitness at Doyalson. A colleague of mine recommended it and I enjoy going there to work out - it’s very clean and new.

6) What do you enjoy doing on the weekend?
We like to go to Pelican’s Beach on the weekends. My daughter, Adelle, loves fishing with her Dad while Sofia and I play in the sand. 

7) What was the most important to you when purchasing your new home?
The most important thing was the reputation of the area. We wanted to make sure we were moving to a safe place for our daughters to grow up. It was also important that other families were purchasing in the area. We like the fact that there is a diversity of people living at Magnolia, including young couples and retirees.

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