Construction is underway

Magnolia Park


The construction of the much anticipated Magnolia Park in our southern precinct is now underway. Magnolia Park is the third and final carefully planned parkland and recreation area that has been designed for the Magnolia Community at Hamlyn Terrace.

Located on Loretto Way, Magnolia Park will contain a mix of play equipment, walking paths and also picnic shelters for the whole family to enjoy. The park will have a variety of engaging play equipment that children of all ages will find stimulating including a spring rocker and swings as well as slides that cater for the younger ages. A spinning play and climbing unit will no doubt appeal to the older kids.

Sandstone logs and exposed aggregate paving features will be placed throughout the park and a variety of trees will be planted to provide shade. If you prefer to take things easy, take a comfortable seat under the trees with a book – or meet the neighbours for relaxed picnic and enjoy the serenity of the classic coastal lifestyle.

Magnolia has two established parks that residents enjoy. Issac’s Park located on the north side of our northern precinct features a lovely large open green space for all kids to run around on. Xavier’s Park, centrally located in the northern precinct, is an all-inclusive park that caters for all children including those with special needs. The park has wheelchair access and features an ability swing that has high back support and includes a safety harness that offers children better support for those who need it and allows them to enjoy the movement of swing as any child experiences it.

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