Another AVJennings community is sold out

Magnolia, Hamlyn Terrace - Sold Out


The final homes at Magnolia, Hamlyn Terrace have been sold and settled and another successful AVJennings project is now complete.

The vision for Magnolia was to build a desirable, vibrant community that reflects the aspirations of the central coast. Upon completion the community now features hectares of parkland for playing, open green space for exploring and walking and cycle paths for exercising.

The area’s most notable resident is Albert Hamlyn Warner, one of the region’s pioneers, who journeyed through the United States in the early 1900s. By naming Magnolia after the state flower of Louisiana, we are paying homage to the area’s Southern American influence and an icon epitomising grace and beauty. The architectural design of the estate takes cues from the classical elegance of southern American style to create a unique character and visual environment giving the community a strong sense of identity. Referencing the features associated with typical antebellum architecture; balconies and verandas, pillars and columns, hipped and gabled roofs – the built form creates a connection with America’s South and it’s time and place in history – and support a unique and lasting identity for the development.

Magnolia Hamlyn Terrace is a place where 469 families now call home. 

AVJennings has another exciting project coming soon to Warnervale. If you are interested in registering your interest or finding out more, call 131 878.


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