Cadence, Ripley

Symphony Park Now Open

Cadence by AVJennings is pleased to announce its new neighbourhood park and inclusive playground is now open!

This fully interactive playground and park space has been carefully designed to promote active, cognitive, social, inclusive, and passive play opportunities to suit a range of ages and abilities.

Families will love the slow arrival experience through nature into the louder play areas allowing children to observe and gradually transition into the space. Rest spots have been dotted along the path throughout the park (and away from play elements) to allow for quieter experiences and respite where needed. A grove of retained trees and new planting provide shade and calming experiences as well as textural sensory play and unstructured nature play opportunities. A winding path throughout the park provides a safe learn to ride opportunity as well as passive time in nature. 

Symphony Park Kick Around

The playground provides a range of interactive and educational play elements including:

  • Supernova Balance Ring - turning, spinning, balancing or just enjoying the ride are among the countless play options of the Supernova.
  • Traditional Swings & Nest Swing – promoting the development of spatial awareness and improvement of balance and coordination. The Nest Swing allows for group play and can be used by all ages and by most abilities.
  • Kilimanjaro Play Tower – with Play Shell for rest and social opportunities, rope bridge for balance and coordination, multiple hand grips for climbing and crawling, varied slide heights, climbing panel access to tower challenging navigation skills, banister bars teaching coordination and strength, plus more.
  • Music Play Panel & Talk Tubes – offering a sensory variation with a tuned and tonal sound outcome. Musical play helps teach cause and effect and hand-eye coordination.

Symphony Park Rope Bridge Symphony Park Balance Ring
Symphony Park Slide Symphony Park Social Seats

The Sandstone amphitheatre seating around the permitter and picnic seating nestled amongst the play area make for comfortable and functional 360-degree views of the playground.

The park also features alfresco seating, a lush grass kickabout space to run, play or picnic and basketball halfcourt to shoot some hoops or challenge the neighbours to a game of one on one. 

Symphony Park Half Court

The organised and simple layout of Symphony Park separates play elements for younger children from major roads and more grown up play opportunities like the basketball court. Views into surrounding bushland support wellbeing and mental health through the calming effect of nature.

AVJennings at Cadence looks forward to welcoming residents and locals to enjoy all Symphony Park has to offer. Stay tuned for the official Grand Opening Event this year – make sure you’re following us on Facebook for all the details!

Please note, while the playground at Symphony Park aims to cater to a range of needs and abilities, it is not an ‘all-abilities playground’. The playground is not fenced and does include mulch softfall.