Creekwood, Meridan Plains QLD.

Creekwood Walkers Celebrate 3rd Birthday!

Creekwood Walkers 3rd Birthday

Creekwood’s parks and recreation areas are fast becoming a hotspot for Caloundra locals looking to get fit and active, with several groups springing up in the area including the Creekwood Walkers’ Group.

7th March commemorated the Creekwood Walkers first walk together, and now three years on they have celebrated their birthday. The original plans were to have the party in one of the Creekwood parks, however heavy rain concluded the event to the neighborhood café Myrtle’s Pantry, with the help of the AVJennings Creekwood team in providing a BBQ themed spread.  

Walk organizer Barbara Doherty said her group was registered with the Heart Foundation and walked three times a week as a way to get to know the Creekwood community and each other while staying healthy and fit. “When you join a group like this, it helps you to develop a sense of belonging to the area, especially if you are new.”  

Ms Doherty said the group was very inclusive. “We currently have participation ages from about 30-70 and we are very aware that people walk at different paces and have different levels of fitness, so we try to make sure everyone is catered for and feels welcome.”  

Other groups in the area include Hiit Sunshine Coast, which is also run outside in the fresh air. Founder Tralee Beech said she also started her fitness program in Creekwood’s central park to get people socializing. “I train women and men of all ages and fitness levels six days a week and have found our group helps connect like-minded people.”  

If you are interested in joining the Creekwood Walkers please contact Barbara via or Hiit Sunshine Coast contact Tralee


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