Building Information

Purchaser and Builder Information.

AVJennings would like to ensure a smooth process when purchasing your land and building your new home at Riverton. To assist, we have collated the essential information for your new home journey. 


Stage 2A

Riverton stage 2 Boyne release brochure      Riverton stage 2 thompson release brochure      Riverton stage 2 registered survey plans

Riverton stage 2 plan of development      Riverton stage 2 as con plans      Riverton stage 2 Level 1 report


Stage 1

Riverton survey plan download        Stage 1 Plan of Development - Riverton Jimboomba      as con plan download        Level one report download

Riverton Sales Brochure        Normanby Way Release Brochure        Moonie Crescent Release Brochure


All of Project

Riverton NBN preinstallation guide        Design Guidelines        Bushfire Report