Riverton, Jimboomba

Gail leaves acreage to find climate-friendly sanctuary at Riverton with Stellar Collection home.

Gail’s search for a safe, comfortable home that minimised her carbon foot print, has taken her to Riverton in Jimboomba, Queensland, where she has purchased one of the newly finished Stellar Collection homes.

Gail sold her eight-acre property on the Gold Coast and was looking for a property near her family in Jimboomba when she came across a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the AVJennings Riverton community.

“I faced a dilemma because I liked the idea of a new build, but I didn’t want to go through the time delays and uncertainty of buying a block of land and engaging a builder in today’s climate,” she said.

“When I visited Riverton after four months of looking, I heard about these new turnkey homes that were being completed as part of the Stellar Collection.”

Stellar Collection homes are being built with a minimum energy efficient rating of 8 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

The two homes completed at Riverton are part of a range of architect- designed homes and townhomes being built across the East Coast.

Riverton’s homes have been built with an energy rating of 9.4 stars, which is close to a perfect energy efficiency rating where no heating or cooling is required.

Key to the energy efficiency of AVJennings’ new collection is the adoption of the Pro9 walls which are built with galvanised steel frames, R4 rated foam insulation and A1 rated fireproof boards to create an airtight home environment with strong thermal properties leading to a stable temperature inside the house.

The Pro9 walls have been combined with European-standard double-glazed windows to ensure the highest insulation and noise standards are met.

“When I saw the completed home, it suited a lot of my needs with a walk-in pantry, because I love cooking, and the floorplan and design really fitted in with my lifestyle.

“But when I talked to (AVJennings sales consultant) Paul I heard about all the energy efficient features that come with Stellar Collection homes such as the double-glazed windows and Pro9 walls.”

Gail said it was important to her that she minimised her carbon footprint.

“I feel that we all need to do our bit to mitigate the impact of climate change,” she said.

“To me sustainable homes are about building smarter so we can cut down on the amount of power we consume.

“Reduced power bills are the icing on the cake for me with my new home.”

“One of my sons, who was in the building trade, also visited with me and agreed it was perfect.

“I feel like this is the right choice for me and can’t wait to move in.”