St Clair, SA

Highlights and Hangouts.

Established on the old Cheltenham Park racecourse, the neighbourhood of St Clair has seen its share of crowds in the past. Nowadays things are much quieter there, but with so much within easy reach, the locals know they’re onto a winner.  Here are some of the area’s top picks.

Connect with nature on your doorstep 

Winding through the community are 22 hectares of waterways and wetlands, teeming with wildlife and water birds.

A perfect place to lose yourself for a while.

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Chill out at Grange Beach

St Clair is just 6km from the beaches of Adelaide. Grange Beach has a jetty, a wide stretch of white sand,

calm clear blue water and classic Norfolk Pines.



Feed your inner foodie in North Adelaide

The vibrant North Adelaide restaurant strips have a wide variety of cuisines and dining styles.

It’s a 30 minute trip by public transport, half that time if you’re driving in.


Soak up history in Woodville

Less than 1km from St Clair, Woodville was settled over 170 years ago and has several historic buildings,

a museum and the handsome Woodville Town Hall, which offers a diverse arts and entertainment program.


Hunt for the Red October

Downtown Adelaide’s coolest bar has Soviet-themed cocktail list, Russian beers and food that gives

Russian favourites a distinctively Australian twist. Red October, 22 Gilbert Place, Adelaide.

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