August 2023 Construction Update

Having had a fairly dry winter in Melbourne, construction at Aspect has progressed nicely over the past few months.

Here's a summary of our key updates:

  • All Stage 2 lots have titled and settled. 
  • Stage 3 lots are on track for early-mid September titles, with settlements expected in late-September. Lot boards for valuations will be installed in early-September. 
  • Stage 3 footpaths are under construction and sewer, water, electrical and NBN audits are underway. Topsoiling and pegging of lots will be completed shortly after. 
  • Construction of the Stage 1A Turnkey Homes has continued, with all homes now at fix stage or progressed further. Two of these homes will be used as display homes and a Sales & Information Centre, which we look forward to opening later this year.

View the latest aerial footage taken in July 2023 below.