Lyndarum North, Wollert, Vic

Chromatic Harmony Chart.


Lyndarum North has embraced a creative concept known as colour mapping. Ultimately this concept will deliver a visually appealing and cohesive community that is an attractive and interesting place to live.


What are the goals of the Chromatic Guidelines?

  • To strengthen the relationship between the buildings, the spaces they create, and the general environment.

  • To generate a mood or feeling which relates to the culture and traditions of the area.

  • To provide friendly and comfortable environments for the inhabitants of Lyndarum North.

  • To introduce complementary ranges of materials relating to location, functions and practices.

  • To assist home owners, specifiers and suppliers in the selection and provision of materials.


How does the Chromatic Guideline help the home owner and the designer?

Eight site locations around Lyndarum North were studied, each with their own geography and topography, lighting, mood and historical background.

The major steps in producing the Chromatic Guideline were:

  1. An Analysis and Diagnosis of the eight sites

  2. A Synthesis based on the Diagnoses: the architecture, the historical background and the social context

  3. Discussions with designers and material suppliers on available materials and their colour characteristics using the Natural Colour System (NCS)

  4. Establishment of colour ranges for three neighbourhoods to reinforce the urban design of the masterplanned community


The three distinct areas are:

Mineral Urban Space

  • inspired by the rich minerality and the urban fabric of the area.

Framing the Park

  • inspired by the vegetation and the landscape of the area.

Bordering the Open Space

  • inspired by the air, light and the aquatic environments of the area.


The application of this concept will make Lyndarum North a truly unique and special place to live. If you would like further information, you may click here to download the Lyndarum North Chromatic Harmony Chart Vision document. 

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