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Spring Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips

 With the warmer weather slowly approaching, Spring is the perfect time to get outside and give your garden a little TLC.  

We have prepared our top tips for nourishing and rejuvenating your garden this spring.

  • Plant, plant, plant!
    • Spring is the ideal time to plant pretty much anything! If your vegie patch is on the top of your to-do-list, warmer weather seeds such as tomatoes, beans, capsicum and eggplant are all great options, while herbs such as basil, dill, thyme and coriander will also thrive. If florals are more your thing then we have good news – spring is the perfect time to sow seeds as it gives them plenty of growth time in the lead up to summer.


  • Keep an eye out for pests
    • As the sun starts to shine, garden pests can emerge from out of the woodwork and threaten to wreak havoc on your garden. You may notice pesky aphids and snails popping up to say hello during this time, so be sure to keep them at bay by purchasing a garden insecticide to protect your plants.


  • Tidy up and nurture
    • Spring is the perfect time to prune in preparation for new growth, so grab your tools and secateurs to remove foliage and leaves that have withered from the winter months. Pruning will rejuvenate your trees and shrubs, and before you know it, new growth will blossom.


  • Fertilise!
    • It’s certainly no secret that fertiliser is a garden’s best friend, and Spring is the best time to give your garden a little boost. Blood and Bone is an ideal fertliser for native flowering plants, while potted plants appreciate liquid fertilisers that provide a slow release of quality nutrients. Roses, orchids and other flowers will respond well to more specialised fertilisers with specific ingredients so it’s best to visit your local nursery and ask for the best option.  


  • Ensure the grass is always greener
  • Spring is the prime time to nurture your lawn and get it looking fresh before the hot Summer sun arrives. It’s a good idea to aerate your lawn by spiking holes in the top layer with a garden fork and sprinkle an organic fertiliser over it ensure it stays nice and lush right throughout Summer. Your grass will soon be greener than ever and the envy of the whole street!

Use these tips to help you get ahead with your gardening this Spring, and before you know it, your blooms will be the talk of the town! 

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