Things to keep the kids busy this summer
Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Ideas to keep the kids busy.

The holiday period is a busy time and keeping your family occupied without breaking the bank can be tricky! The good news is that at this time of year the weather is on your side, so it’s the perfect time to get creative and make use of your very own backyard!

To make things super simple, we’ve compiled a list of easy DIY activities for you and your little ones to enjoy this silly season.

Home Outdoor Movies
If you can get your hands on a projector, set up a white sheet in the backyard and let the outdoor movie magic begin. Grab cozy blankets, yummy snacks and invite some good company - then the only thing left to do is decide who gets to pick the movie!

Backyard cricket
An oldie but ALWAYS a goodie, backyard cricket is loved by people of all ages. If you don’t already have a bat and ball hidden away in the shed, head down to the local $2 shop and pick up a bargain. Use an esky or a wheelie bin as stumps and get ready for endless hours (or days) of fun.

Build a fairy garden
Introduce a little bit of magic in your yard with a whimsical fairy garden. Easy to make with an old bird bath or tree stump, it is a low cost and creative project to do with the kids
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