Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Community Info Session - Top Tips.

On a chilly Wednesday night at the Lyndarum North Sales & Information Centre, future residents, AVJennings staff and local specialists from Victoria Police, CFA and SES attended our first Community Information Session.

We received some great advice from Sandra O’Connor, Senior Constable, Victoria Police, Sebastian La Spina, Whittlesea SES Communication and Education Officer and Emily Bonacci, Community Safety Coordinator, Wollert District Fire Brigade about how to keep your home safe during the build phase and after you’ve moved in with a strong focus on prevention.

Some of their Top Tips included:

  1. Download the Vic Emergency App on your smart phone. It is a quick and easy tool to use in case of emergency with phone numbers and live, location specific information.
  2. Speak with your builder about securing the site during the build phase. Once you move in, install an alarm.
  3. Don’t leave empty appliance boxes on the nature strip. Break them down and put in the recycle bin.
  4. Park your car in your garage. Never leave the garage door remote control inside your car.
  5. Don’t keep your bins in front of a fence.
  6. Call the SES if your home has experienced damage from a  storm / weather event or tree damage.
  7. Have a safety emergency plan and talk to your family about it.
  8. Prepare a home emergency kit including a torch, batteries and spare phone charger. Keep your passport, insurance papers and photographs in a water tight box with the other items and place in a location that is easily accessible in the event you need to leave your home quickly.
  9. Keep a supply of spare roof tiles on hand in case of roof damage.
  10. Select a house design with eaves. They can reduce water damage in case of a storm as well as provide improved energy ratings by keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  11. Install an air vent in your roof to prevent heat build-up in your roof cavity.
  12. In case of fire:
    • Keep a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in an easy to access location within your home.
    • Exit the building as quickly and safely as possible ensuring you can account for all family members.
    • When safely away from the fire, call the CFA on 000.
  13. Most importantly, introduce yourself to your neighbours and make yourself known to other people in the street. Passive surveillance is the best form of crime prevention and you might even make some new friends!  

For more information about keeping your home safe, visit the following sites:

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