Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Sustainability in the home.

Lyndarum North is proud to be a champion for sustainability having received the highest possible certification under the UDIA’s national Enviro Development program.


As part of this dedication to sustainability, we encourage all members of our community to participate in environmentally conscious behavior. Detailed below are three easy ways to become more sustainable in the home.


1. Become an expert at recycling

Although 93 per cent of Australians have access to roadside recycling, only 30 per cent of steel cans and 67 per cent of aluminum cans were recycled in 2010, according to waste management company Suez. You can significantly reduce your environmental impact by knowing what’s recyclable and being more vigilant in recycling everyday household items.


For more information on what’s recyclable visit:


2. Opt for re-usable water bottles. Refill from the tap!

Nearly 3 million tonnes of plastic are used to produce bottled water every year and less than 40 per cent of these bottles are recycled. Each time you choose to buy a new bottle of water from the shops rather than filling a reusable bottle from the tap, you are contributing to the emission of deadly greenhouse gasses and the wasteful degradation of our environment. Shop here for your reusable bottle and have a positive impact on our world and local community:

3. Invest in a rainwater tank

Water is our most precious resource and rainwater tanks are a great way to take advantage of our natural water supply. Rainwater tanks help reduce the amount of water used in the home and garden while also reducing harm to our waterways that can be caused by too much storm water. Rainwater tanks also work to save you money in the long term by saving up to 40 per cent of your drinking water supply which can amount to approximately $196 a year. Heritage Water Tanks supply water tanks to the Northern suburbs. If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of water tanks visit their website: