Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Lyndarum North's 2022 Community Grant Recipients

At Lyndarum North, we believe local groups and organisations play a crucial role in connecting and enhancing our community. With this in mind, we established our Community Grants Program to support the significant work these groups undertake within Wollert and the wider Whittlesea community.

We are excited to announce the successful recipients of the 2022 program and the incredible projects this funding will contribute towards.

Sikh Community Connections

Sikh Community Connections is a grassroots community-based organisation that helps create healthy, violence-free, more equitable communities, by bridging gaps in access to public resources and social services. The group also provides education and direct support to community members, using an empowerment approach that attends to cultural tradition, immigration experiences, and language access.

Sikh Community Connections work with the local community across various projects, including but not limited to Family Violence Prevention & Support, COVID-19 Awareness, food relief, regular health awareness sessions for local CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) community and sports inclusion for women.

Sikh Community Connections will use the grant funds to run a 3-month inclusive program to encourage women and girls from CALD communities to take part in sports. The program will help participants to not only be physically active, but to also make new friends and improve their mental health.

To learn more about Sikh Community Connections, visit their website.


Lalor Landcare

Lalor Landcare was formed in 2021 and aims to directly restore the local natural environment and raise awareness for the importance of this activity.

Lalor Landcare will use the grant funds to purchase materials for distribution to three Schools (Lalor Secondary College, Peter Lalor Technical College and St Monica's College) for students to construct nest boxes that will be placed out on Darebin Creek, where wildlife can thrive. This environmental initiative is in conjunction with Darebin Creek Management Committee. 


Wollert Fire Brigade (Country Fire Authority)

Wollert Fire Brigade is a dedicated and skilled 100% volunteer CFA fire brigade. They have serviced Wollert and neighbouring communities 24 hours a day since 1942. Currently, they attend over 200 emergency calls per year.

As well as emergency response, the team is involved in education and engagement activities within the community to help reduce the risk of fire and other emergencies, as well as build resilience and a sense of community.

Wollert Fire Brigade will use their grant funds to invest in two battery-powered portable lighting units to illuminate their work areas during night-time emergency operations. This will help make an emergency area safer for Wollert Fire Brigade volunteers and members of the public.

To learn more about Wollert Fire Brigade, visit their website.


Epping Little Athletics Club (LAC)

Epping LAC is a progressive not-for-profit organisation run by parents, volunteers and community members. The club contributes to the local community by providing a fun space for kids to try new sports while promoting an active lifestyle and family involvement.

Epping LAC has become one big family that encourages and enables all members to make new friends, work as a team and be their best. Most importantly, the club is inclusive to all children within the community, no matter their level of skill or ability.

Epping LAC will use the grant funds to update and purchase new equipment and first aid kits, as well as club jumpers for their athletes.

To learn more about Epping Little Athletics Club, visit their website.


Metro Little Athletes

Metro Little Athletes is a small club that provides opportunities for young people to grow, not only as athletes, but on a personal level. The club provides a fun, safe environment where young children can improve their fitness, skills and social wellbeing, with an emphasis on growth and being one’s best.

Metro Little Athletes will use the grant funds to purchase a camera to capture and celebrate the achievements of their athletes. The funds will also help them purchase a laptop and hard drive that will assist committee members with running the club.

To learn more about Metro Little Athletes, visit their website.



The team at Lyndarum North congratulate our successful recipients and thank all the community groups that applied.