Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Easy Access to Great Education for Every Stage of Life.

When purchasing a new home, understanding what amenities and facilities are close by is an important consideration. 

Among these considerations, the presence of nearby schools and educational institutions holds significant importance for families, couples and individuals alike. From delivering convenient, enriched lifestyles to enhancing community connections, there are so many advantages to having educational facilities close to home. Most importantly, proximity to schools saves commuting time, reducing stress and allowing your family to spend more time together.

Lyndarum North residents are surrounded by an abundant selection of nearby schools and learning opportunities for all ages.

Preschool and early education

Within our community, you’ll find AMIGA Montessori on Edgar’s Road. AMIGA Montessori Wollert fosters a caring and nurturing learning environment for children between the ages of 0 Weeks to 6 years. The centre is focused on ensuring children learn at their own pace as they are supported through developmental milestones. Plus, the curriculum’s regular outdoor excursions ensure children are able to explore their innate love for nature and learn in the natural environment.

Other early learning centres close to Lyndarum North include:

  • Harvest Home Preschool – 2.5km
  • Epping North YMCA Early Learning Centre – 2.9km
  • Epping Views Kindergarten – 5km
  • Goodstart Epping High Street – 7km
  • Goodstart Epping – 7.9km
  • Epping North Preschool – 9km


Primary Schools

There are a number of government and independent primary schools surrounding Lyndarum North, so your child can gain access to quality education, form friendships and partake in extracurricular activities close to home.

The closest is Edgar’s Creek Primary School, less than 1km away at 45 Macedon Parade, Wollert. The school opened in 2021, and as of 2023 has approximately 700 enrolments. Edgars Creek Primary School is part of a community precinct, adjacent to the Ganbu Gulinj Community Centre and Edgars Creek Secondary College. This provides the opportunity for lifelong learning and strong community connections from childhood to adulthood.

Other local government schools include:

  • Barrawang Primary School – 1.5km
  • Harvest Home Primary School – 2.3km
  • Wollert Primary School – 2km
  • Epping Views Primary School – 3.1km
  • Epping Primary School High Street Campus – 6.5km
  • Craigieburn South Primary School – 8km

There are also a number of independent primary schools close to Lyndarum North:

  • St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary School – 3km
  • Glowrey Catholic Primary School – 3.5km
  • Gilson College Mernda (Primary School) – 7.9km

Secondary Schools

Having secondary schools close to home delivers a lifestyle of convenience and independence, where students can minimise travel time and focus more on their studies and extracurricular activities.

Lyndarum North is well-serviced by a number of wonderful government and independent secondary schools, providing diverse educational options for families.

The closest is Edgars Creek Secondary College (ECSC), a short (and walkable) 700m from Lyndarum North. ECSC is a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive and caring school at centre of the Epping North/Wollert community. It ensures the personalised learning needs of all students is realised through a highly differentiated curriculum, supported by evolving technologies, collaborative learning and a focus on core literacy and numeracy skills.

Other nearby government secondary schools include:

  • Wollert Secondary College – 1.6km
  • Epping Secondary College – 5km

There are also a number of independent secondary schools close to Lyndarum North:

  • Al Siraat College – 5km
  • Gilson College Mernda (Secondary School) – 7.9km
  • St Monica’s College – 8.3km

Further Education

Living near tertiary institutions allows for easy access to campus facilities, libraries, and other resources, while also offering a vibrant student life and networking opportunities. Lyndarum North benefits from its proximity to a number of universities and colleges that offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations.

Close to Lyndarum North you’ll find:

  • Melbourne Polytechnic Epping Campus (Cooper St/Dalton Rd) – 6km
  • RMIT University (Bundoora West Campus) – 10km
  • La Trobe University (Bundoora) – 14km


Explore the interactive Lyndarum North masterplan to see all the incredible places you’ll be connected to, when you call our beautiful community home.