Somerford, Clyde North

Education Excellence: Somerford's Local Schools

Set amongst a thriving network of established neighbourhoods, Somerford offers not only a welcoming and family-friendly community but also a treasure trove of schooling options. From early learning centres to renowned tertiary institutions and everything in between, Somerford’s locality is booming with choices that empower students of all ages to receive a quality education.


Early Learning

Great Beginnings Childcare

Located just 2km from Somerford, Great Beginnings Childcare offers a nurturing environment for young children. Their curriculum is designed to foster early childhood development, with a focus on social and emotional growth.

Bluebird Early Education

Less than 1km from Somerford lies another excellent choice for early learners. Bluebird Early Education is committed to providing a safe and engaging space for children. Their learning programs are designed to stimulate cognitive, physical, and emotional development in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Other popular early learning options near Somerford include:

• New Bloom Family Day Care

• AMIGA Montessori Childcare

• Aspire Childcare Centre


Primary Education

Grayling Primary School

With a reputation for excellence in primary education, Grayling Primary School is dedicated to fostering a love for learning in its students. Located just 4km from Somerford, their experienced staff and modern facilities ensure a top-notch education for young learners.

Tulliallan Primary School

Tulliallan Primary School is an ideal choice for families in Somerford. Conveniently located just 2km away, Tulliallan Primary School is committed to providing a well-rounded education, emphasising academic achievement and personal growth.

Other great primary schools close to Somerford include:

• Berwick Chase Primary School

• Ramlegh Park Primary School

• Clyde Primary School

• St Catherine’s Primary School

• Hillsmeade Primary School

• Trinity Catholic Primary School


Secondary Education

Alkira Secondary College

For students entering their teenage years, Alkira Secondary College offers a comprehensive secondary education just 6km from home. Their curriculum is designed to prepare students for a successful future, both academically and personally.

Berwick College

Known for its dedication to academic excellence, Berwick College provides a wide range of subjects and extracurricular activities to cater to diverse student interests and talents. Located 8km from Somerford, it’s a prominent choice for secondary education in the region.

Other fantastic secondary schools near Somerford include:

• Haileybury College

• St Francis Xavier College

• Hillcrest Christian College

• Rivercrest Christian College

• Clyde Grammar

• Cranbourne East Secondary College


Tertiary Education

Federation University, Berwick

For those pursuing higher education, Federation University offers a variety of courses and programs 7km from Somerford. With a focus on practical, industry-relevant education, it's an excellent option for tertiary studies.

Chisholm Institute, Berwick

Also 7km from Somerford, Chisholm Institute is renowned for its vocational and technical courses, making it a valuable resource for those seeking hands-on training and skills development in various fields.


The rich educational landscape surrounding Somerford ensures residents of all ages can access quality education close to home, making it an ideal place to nurture the minds of families, couples and individuals alike. Click here to view the Somerford Amenities Map and explore the full scope of amenities that surround this lively community.

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