Stellar Collection

Introducing the Stellar Collection by AVJennings, a series of homes setting new benchmarks for quality and energy efficiency in the Australian home building market. Built to achieve a minimum 8-star NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) rating, the Stellar Collection is designed to use approximately 50% less energy than a traditional 6-star home.

Constructed with an innovative walling system known as Pro9, this leading-edge technology not only achieves extraordinary energy ratings, it also improves comfort, safety and durability. AVJennings is the first major Australian residential developer to build with the Pro9 walling system, marking a significant step forward in housing design. By choosing a Stellar Home, you're choosing a brighter, more sustainable and more comfortable future.

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What makes the Stellar Collection, Stellar?


Energy Efficiency

The Stellar Collection achieves a minimum Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) rating of 8 stars, exceeding the current minimum standard of 6 stars as required by the National Construction Code.



Built to last with double-glazed windows and strong walls reinforced by custom-designed galvanised steel frames.



Feel good about reducing your energy footprint with your Stellar Collection home. Not only will you be reducing your cost of living, you’ll also be reducing your carbon emissions and energy consumption.


Reduced power bills

Cut both your heating and cooling energy consumption by at least 50% in comparison to a 6-star home. Stellar Collection homes provide an inside stable temperature requiring little if any additional heating or cooling.


Ready to move in

Your Stellar Collection home comes complete as a turnkey home. Quality fixtures, fittings and finishing touches are all included in the fixed price. Nothing more to do, all you need to do is turn the key and move in.


Architecturally designed

Homes are designed by leading architects to the highest standards of quality and aesthetically-pleasing design.


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More to sustainable homes than being green.

The power of sustainable living: AVJennings’ Stellar Collection ensures greener, safer and cost-effective homes.


Gail leaves acreage to find climate-friendly sanctuary at Riverton with Stellar Collection home.

Gail’s search for a safe, comfortable home that minimised her carbon footprint, has taken her to Riverton in Jimboomba, Queensland.


AVJennings leads the way with energy-efficient homes.

New architect designed Stellar Collection homes and townhomes achieve minimum 8-star energy rating.

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