Waterline Place Project Update

Construction update April 2020.

The first few months of 2020 brought with them a new decade and  with several new updates to share across the Waterline Place community, AVJennings’ premium landmark development located in picturesque Williamstown. 

Empress Apartments

Officially commencing construction in December last year, Waterline Place’s high-density offering - Empress Apartments are anticipated to be complete mid 2021.

The construction team is in the process of pouring the 5th floor slab and we are all excited to see this beautiful building is emerging level by level. Once slabs are complete, key elements of the building including the façade and lifts will commence works. 

Liley Townhomes

Nearing completion, the Liley Townhomes electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling is installed, with plastering, kitchens and bathrooms recently completed. External works are well underway with render and cladding almost complete.

Due to unprecedented supply and trades delays resulting from Covid-19, completion of Liley Townhomes is now anticipated for mid 2020, with settlements shortly after.

Seymour Townhomes

Finally, we welcome our newest residents of the Seymour Terraces to Waterline Place, who have recently moved in to join this thriving community. It brings us great pleasure to see Waterline Place evolving as our community expands.

If you have any questions regarding construction and progress at Waterline Place please call Silvana Johnson, Customer Service Officer on 03 8888 4815 or via email at sjohnson@avjennings.com.au