Indoor plants for your home

How to create the perfect indoor oasis at home.

Love your home but want to elevate it to the next level? Create your own indoor oasis! Plants are proven to purify the air, ease tension and lower stress all while brightening up our space and making us happier, healthier people.

Often getting started is the hardest part, so here’s our step-by-step guide to fill your space with greenery.

Step 1: Find your space

Finding enough space for indoor plants can sometimes seem like a hard task when you’re living in an apartment or townhouse, where you often prefer to utilise your indoor space for personal items and décor.

When it comes to indoor plants, there really are a number of space saving options that are both practical and stylish.

Start by look for unused windowsills, side tables, bench space, floor space and of course balcony space. It’s also a great idea to identify areas where you could perhaps suspend plants from the ceiling or even from furniture, such as a bookshelf.

Step 2: Find the right plant

This is the fun part! Once you’ve found your space and know how much sunlight it will get, you can begin to think about what type of plants will suit the area.

There are plenty of websites and local stores that can help you find the perfect plants to suit your space, however we’ve picked a few of our favourites!

Waterline Place popular picks:

  • Monstera Deliciosa – This is a low maintenance choice that thrives in warm climates away from sunlight. It needs minimal watering, so if you happen to forget about it for a few weeks it’ll mostly likely be okay! Give this plant an occasional wipe over to keep them bug free!




  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree – The in-Vogue house plant of the moment, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is relatively low maintenance. All you need is a nice spacious spot with direct sunlight.


  • Devil’s Ivy – This plant is very versatile and finds a home anywhere, whether it’s hanging from a windowsill or ledge, or climbing up a wall. It’s a beautiful plant that requires very little maintenance and looks impressive.


Step 3: Care and consideration

Once you’ve found your perfect plants, it’s on to garden care. This will be an ongoing step to keep your indoor oasis flourishing.

  1. Always consider your pets and ensure any plants, such as Aloe Vera that are toxic to dogs and cats, are out of reach or excluded from your indoor garden.
  2. In the beginning, assess your plants each day to see if they are enjoying the spot you have chosen for them – they will let you know if it’s not!
  3. Most plants need to be watered every 1 to 3 weeks. You should monitor your plants and water when needed.
  4. Regularly check your plants for bugs. If they are looking a little wilted and sad, you may find that a small bug has set up camp in your plant’s leafy foliage.

It’s really as simple as that! Get creative and start your journey to a greener, happier and healthier home today.