Many of our residents will be moving into the newly completed Rosny Apartments over the next few weeks

Rosny Residents Moving In In-Style.

In the coming weeks, the purchasers of the Rosny apartments, which comprises 75 dwellings over 5 levels, will continue to settle and move into their new homes at 47 Nelson Place overlooking the bay.


Officially first to settle and move in was Camille and Trevor Dixon, "We just love the view. We’ve always lived in Williamstown our whole life and I’ve just been made redundant which means I’m going to be home and we’re going to be going for walks around past the Timeball Tower, round the back beach, get coffee down there, lunch with the girls. Yeah, we just love the area, and I just think we’ve got the ideal spot. This view is just amazing, we’re very lucky,” says Camille.


AVJennings Victorian General Manager, Angus Johnson said buyers love Williamstown because of the history, and the sea change it offers.


“We have couples looking to downsize into low maintenance large apartments big enough to entertain friends and family. And at the other end of the scale, younger families who like the idea of the townhouse lifestyle. We’re finding that because of the many housing options, Waterline Place is attracting a wide spectrum of buyers.”


With the downsize in mind, with assistance from her daughter, Camille has fully designed the interior of her new home.


"We bought all brand-new furniture because we needed new sizing of everything and it’s just going to be lovely to have everything brand new. My daughter is a real ‘style-buff’ and so I’ve been using her advice."


The decision to downsize was one that Camille and Trevor took time to consider and decided ultimately it was worth it for the new low maintenance lifestyle the apartments offered.


"It’s been a challenge but some things I’ve given to my daughters and they’ll hang on to them, and some things we will just keep in storage, as there are some things you just can’t part with. We’ve got a storage container downstairs so we’ve sort of condensed what we can to put in there but as I’ve said if I need to I’m still going to get a storage unit somewhere if there are things I just will not part with [laughs]."


With family, nearby, the location of the development is ideal for Camille who said being nearer her daughters and grandchildren is fantastic.


"Both of our daughters live here in Williamstown, it’s awesome! We’ve also got grandchildren and one of them goes to kinder around the corner so now we can catch up for coffee in the mornings. We’re going to love it,” adds Camille.


Second resident to unpack was Kate Chesney.


In her early 30s and CFO for a multinational company Kate Chesney is looking forward to moving into her new apartment at Rosny and she is the first to admit she was very surprised to discover what Williamstown offered. Living in a lovely historic hidden suburb so close to Melbourne, Kate moved to Williamstown with her sister in what was a temporary move.  She liked the area so much she has bought a Rosny apartment in Waterline Place and loves it !


“The decision was a no brainer for me – so close to bars, restaurants, shops, and amazing beachfront paths and views for my daily run. Location is the key, with an easy trip over the Westgate and I’m at work faster than when I lived in the eastern suburbs,” says Kate.


Waterline Place is a $450million staged development, with just over 500 new dwellings made up of town homes and apartments. A three-dimensional conceptual model for Waterline Place is on show at the Display suite at the corner of Kanowna & Aitken Streets.