Waterline Place, VIC.

Empress Meet Your Neighbours Event.

 A fun and informative night was had by all at the recent Empress Apartments purchaser pre-settlement event. 

Over forty future residents of the Waterline Place Empress Apartment building gathered at SeaView Event Centre to learn about the Waterline Place precinct, the design intent of the Empress Apartment building and most importantly the pre-settlement process of moving into their new apartment.

The Empress building is almost complete, the quality assurance process is well underway and settlements of the first apartments will start to take place soon. To keep the settlement and handover process as smooth as possible it was great to speak with everyone first hand to run through the steps required and to provide purchasers with an opportunity to meet the AVJennings team and ask questions about their impending move.

It was fantastic to have so many future residents attend and mix with their future neighbours - already creating new connections and building their new community before they've moved in!