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8 Ways to Make Easter 2022 Egg-stra Special.

The Easter long weekend is fast approaching! How will you be celebrating?

From at-home activities to egg-citing events, the team at Waterline Place have some ideas to help you make this Easter long weekend egg-stra special.

At-home activities

Easter egg hunt

There’s nothing more fun than setting up an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, or around the house!

If you want your children’s / grand children's egg hunt to include treats other than chocolate, place small toys or other goodies inside fillable egg containers which you can purchase from stores like Spotlight, Kmart and Big W.

You can also pick up re-usable egg hunt baskets, or make your own!

Egg painting

For some creative Easter fun, why not create your own colourful eggs? You can do this in a range of ways – from drawing patterns with acrylic paint, to submerging them in food die, or even using colourful Textas for something a bit more simple.

To avoid any unwanted mess, ensure you hard boil the eggs before getting crafty. Your colourful eggs can then be used as decorations around the home or for your Easter lunch table centrepiece. This activity is eggs-tremely versatile and fun!

However you choose to celebrate, the team at Waterline Place wishes you a Hoppy Easter!