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Spring into summer with a sparkling home!

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start soaking up the sunshine, beautiful blooms and fresh air that comes with it. But before you do, breathe new life into your home after a long winter with these Spring cleaning suggestions.

Get stuck into Spring cleaning

Many Australian households take part in the deep cleaning ritual known as ‘Spring cleaning’. It’s that one time of the year when families dedicate a day (or an entire weekend!) to dusting, scrubbing and washing the areas that don’t get much attention throughout the year. This often involves moving furniture to get to hidden spaces, nooks and crannies, and giving special attention to windows, ceilings, walls, light fixtures, shelves, cabinet tops and architraves.

While there’s no right or wrong way to Spring clean your home, sometimes the task can seem less overwhelming if you create a checklist that you can tick off as you go. Creating checklists with stickers or rewards can be a fun way to get children involved.

Here are some tasks you might like to put on your Spring cleaning list:

  • Clean away cobwebs
  • Wash all windows (inside and out)
  • Clean and dust fan blades, light fixtures and air vents
  • Dust the tops of tall cabinets, cupboards and shelves
  • Sanitise light switches, doorknobs and remotes
  • Clean underneath and behind couches, cabinets, TV unit and bedframes
  • Wash all pillows and doonas
  • Deep clean mattresses
  • Deep clean carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture
  • Wash down the garage door
  • Wipe down the walls
  • Organise and downsize clothing, shoes and other belongings
  • Deep clean the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
  • Sort through the pantry and fridge. Throw away out-of-date products and wipe down shelves and doors

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We hope these tips will help you to refresh your home this Spring.