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Quick and easy styling ideas for your home and balcony

Coming out of winter and before the summer holidays is a great time to refresh your home so that everything is looking fabulous before the busy festive season arrives.

We have collated a few quick and easy ideas to reinvigorate your living and outdoor spaces this spring:

Maximise the light, bright and airy tones of Spring

As we embrace brighter and warmer days throughout the spring and summer months, you may like to invite this sense of brightness inside. This can be achieved in a range of simple ways:

  • In your living spaces, swap out any cushions and blankets with deep, dark and heavy fabrics for lighter alternatives. Think linen and cotton.
  • In your bedrooms, replace your thick winter doona cover or bed throw with something more lightweight, and opt for lighter, brighter or more natural-looking colours, such as white, ivory, blush, sage, pale blue and beige.
  • Spread the smell of Spring throughout your home with scented candles, diffusers, essential oils or air fresheners that have light and crisp scents, like lavender, citrus, jasmine and bergamot.
  • Invest in some sheer curtains or blinds (which can be placed beneath your block-out ones) which will allow the sunlight to shine through and brighten your home, while still providing some privacy.

Refresh your outdoor spaces

With warmer weather and longer days now upon us, it’s only natural that we spend more time outdoors. To make your outdoor time at home more enjoyable there are many things you can do. Depending on your preferences, this could involve creating a gorgeous alfresco dining space or turn your balcony into an additional living room with low-level couches. If you’re a green thumb, it could also involve adding a few planter boxes to your balcony for flowers, herbs, lettuce pots and topiary fruit trees.

There are plenty of opportunities to transform a plain outdoor space into a peaceful oasis or an entertainer’s dream.

For some easy-care garden inspiration, check out our blog 6 Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden.

Add plants and greenery to your indoors spaces

As well as maximising your outdoor spaces, you may also like to invite the outside in by incorporating plants throughout your home. Indoor plants not only help to make your indoor spaces look lush and beautiful, they also offer a range of science-backed health benefits, from improving air quality, to reducing stress and lifting your mood.

If you’re new to indoor plants, some of the easiest to maintain include:

  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Succulents
  • Zanzibar Gem

If you want to incorporate greenery throughout your home but keeping plants alive really isn’t your forte, then artificial plants are a great alternative!

We hope these tips will help you to refresh and reinvigorate your home.