Williamstown, VIC, 3016.

Construction Update December 2022

Piper Townhomes

Located between Nelson Place and Waterline Place the continuation of homes along the southern strip of Nelson Place are looking fantastic. The scaffold has been removed to reveal the nine three-storey homes whilst the five smaller homes fronting Waterline Place are also making great progress.

Townhomes 1-9

  • Brick installation has been completed
  • External cladding has commenced
  • Installation of external Hebel walls has commenced and will be completed in January 2023
  • Rough ins of services are continuing
  • Internal plastering to commence February 2023

Townhomes 10-14

  • Service rough ins are currently underway
  • Roof coverings have been completed
  • External cladding is progressing well, with Hebel and cladding forecast to be complete in late January 2023
  • The main brickwork has now been completed
  • In response to a supplier delay in rough ins for heating and air conditioning, we have postponed the installation of the internal plasterboard until early February 2023

Since our last update, the project has unfortunately experienced delays due to the challenging construction market and unpredictable labour and supplier markets. Our team is doing everything possible to ensure that no further delays occur during the construction process, and to ensure the highest level of safety and quality is achieved. We are now anticipating a mid-2023 completion, with settlements to follow shortly thereafter.


Firefly Townhomes

The Firefly collection of five homes on Cecil Street has experienced many unforeseen delays. These have been due to the ongoing challenging labour market, extensive rain and wet weather conditions.

Looking ahead, the current program of works include:

  • Underground drainage works are now close to completion
  • Slab pour is earmarked to take place in January 2023
  • Installation of steel and timber framing to follow soon after the slab pour

Despite the many challenges progress has been made onsite. Construction completion is now slated toward the end of 2023.


Merchant Apartments

Much has happened since the launch of our grandest apartment building Merchant earlier this year. Our new display suite has been opened, Hamilton Marino Builders have been appointed, the official turning of the sod event took place and construction commenced! We're excited to also advise:

  • Construction of the basement has started with bulk earthworks, piling and retention works currently being undertaken.
  • Main footings will be prepared early 2023
  • Construction is currently progressing as planned
  • We anticipate completion of the building and handover of the sold apartments mid-2024

We recommend you take a visit to Waterline Place and witness the progress for yourself.

If you would like further information or are interested in our latest release Merchant, please contact Susan on 0448 478 892.


Note: All dates are subject to receiving authority compliances, weather permitting and following Government COVID guidelines