Cancellation of Certificates of Title.

The NSW Government will soon introduce several changes to the land titles system to transition conveyancing from paper to digital. From October 11, 2021, paper Certificates of Title will no longer be issued in New South Wales, and all existing Certificate of Titles will be cancelled.

With the removal of the need for paper Certificates of title, NSW has officially become fully digital. This will streamline and simplify the process, reduce the risk of settlement delays and reduce the risk of errors and fraud in the conveyancing process.

Current property owners or interested buyers do not need to do anything as legal ownership details are already in the Torrens Title Register. The Register will continue to be the single source of truth for land ownership in NSW.

Buyers and sellers should be aware, they may no longer be able to act on their own and will need a lawyer or conveyancer to complete their property transactions.

When listing properties, a title search will be needed rather than a Certificate of Title.

To find out more information, visit the Office of the Registrar General website. Please contact ORG-admin@customerservice.nsw.gov.au if you have any questions.




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