Riverton, Jimboomba

Celebrating Local Community Impact: Riverton's Latest Round of Community Grant Winners

Bringing Communities Together, One Grant at a Time

Riverton by AVJennings is excited to announce the successful recipients of the 2023 Community Grants Program. As an integral part of the Jimboomba community, we understand the value of local groups and organisations in weaving the fabric of a strong, united neighbourhood. Through our Community Grants Program, we continue to support the remarkable work carried out by these groups that enrich the lives of those around us.

This year, over $10,000 in grants have been awarded to seven deserving local organisations, each with a unique focus and commitment to serving the community. These grants are aimed at bolstering their efforts and enhancing the impact they have on Jimboomba and its residents.

Jimboomba Gymnastics Club: Fostering Health and Wellbeing Through Movement
The non-profit Jimboomba Gymnastics Club has been serving the community for years, providing a safe and active space for individuals of all ages. With over 500 registered families from various areas, the club's influence extends far beyond Jimboomba. The grant they've received will contribute to the acquisition of essential equipment—a new fridge, freezer, and microwave—to further enhance the facilities that support the club's wide range of programs and initiatives.

Doreen Gagel Calming Minds: Nurturing Peace Amidst Challenges
Doreen Gagel's Calming Minds initiative has been a sanctuary for local families grappling with anxiety, anger issues, ADHD, and more. Her dedication to helping children find calmness and peace through mindfulness, meditation and therapy with miniature horses, has made a significant impact in countless lives. With the grant in hand, Doreen will provide 32 local children with two one-hour, one-on-one/family sessions each, free of charge. This support will undoubtedly bring tranquility to families facing various challenges.

Wildcare Australia Inc: Rescuing and Rehabilitating Wildlife
Wildcare Australia Inc, a dedicated not-for-profit wildlife rescue group, focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing a variety of native wildlife species. Their invaluable work extends across the southeast region of Queensland, ensuring the welfare of animals in need. The grant will help equip Logan rescuers with essential tools for successful rescues—portable intensive care units for orphaned joeys, headlamps, and rescue cages, enhancing their capacity to protect and care for native wildlife.

Jimboomba Community & District Hall (Rotary Club of Jimboomba): Building a Community Hub
The Rotary Club of Jimboomba, custodians of the historic Jimboomba Community & District Hall, has transformed the venue into a bustling hub for community events, classes, meetings, and more. This grant will contribute to the purchase and installation of a new Community Notice Board, ensuring the community remains informed about upcoming events, fundraisers, and important announcements. The hall, now teeming with activities, will continue to thrive as a space where connections are forged and events come to life.

Quota Jimboomba Inc: Extending a Helping Hand
With a focus on aiding hearing and speech-affected individuals and supporting the disadvantaged, Quota Jimboomba Inc has been a steadfast presence in the community for over three decades. Their ongoing efforts, from supplying sound systems to schools to providing Christmas gift bags for disadvantaged children, continue to uplift those in need. This year's grant will once again support the heartwarming initiative of distributing Christmas gift bags to disadvantaged children, showcasing the spirit of giving that defines Quota Jimboomba Inc.

Jimboomba Scout Group: Fostering Resilience and Leadership
The Jimboomba Scout Group plays a pivotal role in nurturing the growth and resilience of youth in the community. Through outdoor activities and structured challenges, they encourage young individuals to develop leadership skills and face life's hurdles with confidence. With the grant, they plan to replace outdated equipment, including a new orienteering set, enhancing the outdoor experiences that shape the character of tomorrow's leaders.

Jimboomba Thunder JRLFC: Forging Footy Stars and Community Bonds
For two decades, the Jimboomba Thunder Junior Rugby League Football Club has provided a platform for youth to shine and foster a sense of belonging. This small yet impactful community club has offered generations of players the chance to participate in junior rugby league, nurturing footy talent and community spirit. The grant they've received will contribute to purchasing a lawn mower, enabling them to maintain their fields and ensure optimal conditions for training and matches.

As we celebrate the recipients of the 2023 Community Grants Program, Riverton by AVJennings remains committed to fortifying the bonds that unite us. Through these grants, we empower local groups to create lasting change and inspire positive transformation within the Jimboomba community. These organisations stand as a testament to the spirit of giving, resilience, and unity that defines the heart of Jimboomba.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to this year's grant winners and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and impact within our vibrant community. Together, we are building a stronger, more connected Jimboomba.