Lyndarum North, Wollert, VIC.

Why Our Residents Love Lyndarum North.

It’s so important to love where you live, and at Lyndarum North, we’re passionate about creating a community that residents are proud to call home.

To learn what our residents appreciate most about Lyndarum North we recently hosted an I Love Lyndarum North’ competition, where our residents were asked to share their thoughts in 100 words or less. We were delighted to read through the many heart-warming entries, and we’re excited to share them. 

Join us in exploring the essence of what makes Lyndarum North an exceptional community that residents love to call home. 

Sense of community

A strong sense of community helps locals feel safe and connected. Many of our residents have expressed that the warm, friendly and inviting community atmosphere is what makes living at Lyndarum North such a pleasure.  

"We love Lyndarum North because of the sense of community. All our neighbours on our street and surrounding streets are so friendly and respectful. It makes living in this community effortless." – Daniel Tasevski 

“My neighbours are so friendly and helpful even though we all are from different countries. It reminds me of my home country where people know and talk to all their neighbours.” – Rasika Weerasinghe 

“The more we live in this community, the more we realise that it’s such a safe, friendly and centrally located community. The people here are welcoming and friendly. Our neighbours and us have formed a social media group and communicate about our safety, needs and even social events.” – Swapnil Nimbalkar 

“The sense of community I feel living here has ensured I feel safe. My neighbours are amazing and helpful, and the locals in the community are friendly.” – Vanessa Tonietto 

Local parks and open space

Having parks, playgrounds and green open space is especially important for families with children who want to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle. Families living in Lyndarum North love that they have access to parks and playgrounds on their doorstep, offering an oasis for family fun and adventure. 

“My kids really enjoy the big playground close to home that helps them to stay active outside.” – Rasika Weerasinghe 

“Tranquil lakes shimmer, under the golden sun's kiss, a place of solace and serenity, we wouldn't miss. A haven of nature, where love's light brightly beams, in this community, we cherish our dreams!” – Katherine Campbell 

“The park across the street is big and has kid-friendly activities where children have fun with all kinds of different activities in all seasons.” – Swapnil Nimbalkar 

A connected location with abundant amenity

Location is everything when it comes to living a convenient lifestyle. Many of our residents chose to build in Lyndarum North because of its well-connected location, with schools, retail and entertainment hubs, public transport and medical facilities all within easy reach. 

“Lyndarum North is a well-placed estate to nest and invest in. The schools around the neighbourhood make this place an educational hub. Being a young family, close proximity to shopping centres and neighbourhood parks etc. is an added luxury and the fun never stops there! Public transport within a walkable distance and also easy access to the freeway makes commuting to work easier.” – Praseetha K 

“The parks, schools, and community here are all very appealing to us. It is in close proximity to a variety of schools, commercial complexes and the hospital.” – Divya Kapoor 

Community events and activities

Community events play an important part in fostering connections between neighbours and at Lyndarum North we always look for opportunities to bring our residents together. This dedication to building a close-knit community is another reason why our residents love living at Lyndarum North. 

“Lyndarum North is also good at organising social events like the Christmas Party, Meeting Steve Waugh, Safety Information Session, Native Plant Giveaway and many more. We get to meet new people and make new friends during such activities, which is an added bonus.” – Swapnil Nimbalkar 

Our residents find joy, support, and a true sense of belonging in Lyndarum North. It's not just a place to live; it's a community that thrives on the values of togetherness, convenience, and a shared love of the beautiful surroundings. 

If you’d like to experience the beauty of Lyndarum North for yourself, come and visit our Sales & Information Centre, where our friendly team will be happy to help. 

To hear more from our residents, watch the video below.